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Features & Benifits

Higher Interest Rate

Grow your savings with interest rates as high as 13.25%* p.a.

Compound Interest

Over All Compound Interest @21.32%

Additional Interest

Additional interest of 0.30%* p.a.

Flexible Tenure

Choose from the flexible investment options starting from 12 to 100 months.

Flexible Payout Options

Choose from flexible interest payout options, i.e., monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or at maturity.

Guaranteed Returns

Get steady and assured returns irrespective of market fluctuations.



Our proven track record allows us to offer investors fixed returns via RVBM Investment, while assuming all of the risk ourselves helping them invest in a safe way.

Fixed-income BONDS provide steady interest income to our investors throughout the life of the bond and they also help reduce the overall risk in an investment portfolio.

Fixed Deposit Calculator

Check returns on your investment using our FD calculator

Investment amount

Min ₹ 10,000

Max ₹ 10Cr

Tenure up to
Interest payout term

Investment Summary

Interest Rate %*

Invested Amount

Total Earnings

Monthly Interest Payout


Total Receivable Amount

How to Apply?

Applying for Rvbm Investment Fixed Deposit online is easy. Book your Rvbm Investment Fixed Deposit in four easy steps.

Step 01
Register using your mobile number
Step 02
Enter PAN details and investment amount
Step 03
Enter tenure, KYC & bank details and complete your payment
Step 04
Receive fixed deposit receipt and maximise your returns


Who can invest in a Fixed Deposit with us?

Resident Individuals

Interest & Charges

A Fixed Deposit is a safe investment and independent of market fluctuations. Check Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit interest rates and charges.

Interest rates up to
13.25%* p.a.
Over All Compound
Interest @21.32%
Interest Rate

"Explore Updated Fixed Deposit/Renewal Interest Rates as of [1 Jan 2024]."


Minimum Investment


Investments Enabled*


Investor Community*


Renewal Bonus

Period (Months) Monthly % p.a. Quarterly % p.a. Half-Yearly % p.a. Yearly % p.a.
12 7.14 7.24 7.39 7.49
24 7.49 7.59 7.74 7.84
36 7.84 7.94 8.09 8.19
48 8.29 8.39 8.54 8.64
60 9.28 9.38 9.53 9.63
72 9.93 10.03 10.18 10.28
84 10.58 10.68 10.83 10.93
96 11.23 11.33 11.48 11.58
100(JUBILEE) 12.8 12.95 13.15 13.25
Additional interest of 0.30%* p.a. will be paid on all renewals, where the deposit is matured.


"No, once your Fixed Deposit is initiated, you cannot add funds to it. The amount and tenure are fixed at the time of deposit, and it will remain unchanged until maturity.

Yes, premature withdrawal is allowed, but it may be subject to certain terms and conditions. Please check with our customer service for details.

The minimum investment amount for a fixed deposit with RVBM Investment is ₹10000.

Yes, interest income is generally taxable. Please consult with a tax advisor for information specific to your situation.

We periodically offer special promotions and bonuses With Jubilee Plans. Stay updated with our communication channels for any ongoing promotions.

"The minimum investment tenure for an FD with RVBM Investment is 12 months, while the maximum tenure extends up to 100 months."

"The interest amount will be paid in full upon the completion of the investment tenure. There are no interim payouts during the investment period."

The maturity date is the end date of an investment, such as a fixed deposit, when the principal amount along with earned interest becomes payable to the investor.

Yes, senior citizens can benefit from special rates with our Jubilee Plans. For a 100-month tenure, the annual interest rate is 13.25%.

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